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I help women love their
"perfectly imperfect"
relationships, one thought
at a time. 







Start learning the tools, tips, mindset shifts to set you up for success in all your relationships

Information is not transformation. 
Apply your new skills and knowledge
to all your relationships.
I will coach you every step of the way.

Start living with a new perspective
and genuinely  loving your perfectly imperfect relationships.  

Sound familiar?

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Frustrated in your marriage, wonder if you married the wrong guy or you feel trapped
Dislike sex with your spouse. Feel like you are doing it just for him
Feeling like you are not enough; either as a mom, member of church, wife or friend.

Good at showing up for others but not for yourself
Nagging at your children, finding the balance with allowing their agency and your parental guidance
Struggle maintaining a positive relationship with loved ones when they have stepped away from church or have chosen a different path

you get to choose the 
kind of life you
want to live.

Women are excellent “meaning makers.” They disagree with their spouse - that must mean something is wrong with their marriage. Kids disobey or get a D in school - I haven't done enough as a Mom. They can’t stand a few women from church - I must not be a good Christian. I gained 10 lbs - which means I have no discipline or control. We have underlying stories that we tell ourselves and look for evidence to prove them true. Those meanings we have applied to so many aspects of our lives are optional, and that reality is everything. 


Once you learn the tools and use them in your life, your relationships will shift; why? Because you will change how you think, which leads to how you feel and act. You will create the relationships you want with your spouse, kids, friends, and, most importantly yourself.  


"I have loved having this dedicated space and time and person to help me deliberately ponder and process how I'm living my life! Kristin is a natural coach! She connects well with others and asks thoughtful questions that really make me think and reflect in ways I don't usually do. She makes me feel empowered with strategies for addressing real-life situations. She doesn't sugarcoat things, gets to the point, and efficiently helps me analyze my life and come up with new reasons and resolve to do better! I have loved having her as my coach and look forward to continuing with her!."



I absolutely loved working with Kristin! I was able to see areas in my life that were not serving me well, specifically, my tendency to doubt my abilities and feel ‘not enough.’ Working with her and a model, we took steps designed to be applicable in any situation. Kristin taught me to see where my thoughts were holding me back from achieving my dreams. She taught me to sit in my feelings without judgment and create new ideas, leading me toward the life I want. She is honest, thorough, and a straight shooter with an uncanny ability to see into your soul. This helped me achieve fantastic results. I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone seeking different results in any aspect of their life.


Wow. I don’t have words for Kristin. She is kind, understanding, and she calls me out when I need it. I genuinely feel like she cares about me and wants the best for me.